Here we present Downfall and Torment, our debut album (still unreleased) has been produced between Kick Recording Studio and Bloom Recording Studio  and completed in May 2019. Over the songs, heavy death metal riffs are alternated with acoustic-clean arpeggios, odd-meters progressive bridges, strumming-guitar-based choruses, and orchestra sections. This allowed us to create a strong and lively dynamic, through which we try to drive and accompany the listener into a variety of atmospheres and feelings, depending on the message to communicate and the scenario to depict. The band has since then worked towards the release of their creature organizing their social media outlets, to be ready for the coming months of hard work.




Intro-The Edge of an Endless Waterfall      1:22

Through a Lake of Damnation                    5:41

Blood, Death and Silence                           5:57

Tidal Blight                                                  6:44

Demon in the Snow                                    5:45

Obscure Rains                                            5:17

Curse of the Thaw                                      6:53

Downfall and Torment                               12:40

Outro-Breath of Northern Winds                 2:11


Produced by Nanga Parbat and Marco Mastrobuono.
Recorded at Kick Recording Studio and Bloom Recording Studio with Marco Mastrobuono and Fabrizio Ludovici.
Mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono at Kick Recording Studio.
All music
written by Flavio Cicconi and Edoardo Sterpetti.
All songs
arranged by Nanga Parbat.
lyrics by Flavio Cicconi, Edoardo Sterpetti and Andrea Pedruzzi.


Davide Straccione -  Guest Vocals on "Downfall and Torment"

Edoardo Taddei - Guitar Solo on "Through a Lake of Damnation"

Fabiana Testa - Acoustic Guitar on "Obscure Rains"

Francesco Ferrini - Orchestra Production

Martin Vincent - Narrator on "Tidal Blight"

Vittoria Nagni - Violin on "The Edge of an Endless Waterfall"

Downfall and Torment is strongly based on guitars, riffs and typical structures of the classic Death metal progressive genre revisited in a modern key. The influence of classical symphonic music (Mozart, Wagner, Tchaivkosky) as well as the Baroque-polyphonic music (Bach, Vivaldi) is very important, and emerges both in the compositional and in the instrumental choices. The album is in fact enriched by an orchestral quartet composed of double-bass, cello, viola and violin on which the musician and orchestrator Francesco Ferrini (Piano and orchestras for Fleshgod Apocalypse, collaborator and orchestra arranger for Dimmu Borgir) worked.




Rage within your soul

Scream of ache

A newborn winter cold

Thorns over your heart

Lack of light

Your life is tread apart

Every path is lost

Blown away

By winds of murky ghosts

See the rose of dread

Anxious breath

And every hope is shred


Walking through this evil nest

(You chocked in)

Dark mists rife with damnation

Treading through the tidal creeks

(You drowned in)

Salt waters of perdition

Run out of defiance

Just blood death and silence

Still lost in this mire

Inside Crystal fire

Blows the breeze of fear

Night arises

Your sight grows dark and blears

Trembling voice screams loud

Echoing through,

This valley of fallen clouds


As a dying deer

When the wolf

Bites fiercy on his skull

You lay on this ground,


When demons fill your null

A neverending fight for our final truth seems so futile,

The only reason to overcome this suffering,

Insanity and pain.


Stuck inside your mind without will to fight, left alone

But inside the earth beyond there’s no demise

Another day to rise.




I am the God of the dawn

Flickering lights I shed on

Northern rays of sun, cold and pale glows

Solar winds will shine, on a faint shred of life


Once I was lost in the woods,

Fog and misty tears

A steady pace led my walk,

Seek for a land brought me here

Nothing in my trail

‘Cause I am the King of pain,

Straight to the coast of the sea

Spill the blood of greed

On my Throne I will reign,

Cold is the soil, pale the light

Clouds flood the sky

In the shadow something hides


Tremors from (the) heart of pristine land

Wolves around, roars of anger

Bloody coal, canines thrust the flesh

(The) wild explodes, Ashes of human rest


I am the God of the dusk

Radiant nights I summon

Baltic breeze and red, crimson glows

Polar lights will shine on the meadows of Death


Ice won’t last for mankind


Still on my path

Seeking a way to die


Ascending the cliffs of the fate that I feel coming near

Am I Awake or Asleep?

Looking the stream of the river flowing here on my side

And tomorrow a world of ice

Starless sky on this desolate waste of our lives

I’m afraid to awake

Want to break the seal once for all,

Of this curse of the thaw

And tomorrow a world of ice




Endless time I waited for the turn of the tide

Can't belive my eyes but the moment has come

A cobalt sky I glimpse through the fog and the clouds

The ashes of humanity now will be seen

When the light's breaking through

Passing clouds

Draws a demon of fog

A thunder strike from the sky

Is followed by

Some cold obscure rains

Only now I see clear the path that we walked

Now It's too late the damage is done

Only ruins behind us is what that we've left

Not a single forest is growing out there

The earth is rising so full of Life

This Crimson night arises

The barren wastes will bloom again

Beneath the water Life remains

The jaws of darkness devour us all

Without escape we fall

Beyond the mountains flies a crane

But we will die under these rains

Can you think about all the wonders we had
Shiny Rivers and silvery Lakes

Thriving life was everywhere lush

Can't you see that we've lost them all

Endless of forms comes back to life

Now I can hear the sound of the wild

All in motion and nothing in still

Misty Shrouds fade out in the wind



Set the sails for a restless life

nothing but the ocean on my side


Thousands leagues of raging seas away

seeking tirelessly a ghostly whale


Tears bleed from the shores

Of a dreary paradise

(A) stream of hate we ride

Pale cold white on the horizon light

As a newborn fire into the ice

From the depths the monster breaks the still

And the Captain burns with need to kill

Tears bleed from the shores (from the shores)

Of a dreary paradise

And stain the sea

Thunders tearing apart the night

Yet we will stand

Fury and Blood embrace the sky

Will the demon survive?


On the dark ocean waves

The moon doesn’t shine

(The) Ivory God will rise

Lost the tendrils of light

Fears turn to blight

Sealead in this watery grave

On a sudden a demon emerges from the depths of the ocean

Tidal Blight

From the still in a glimpse like a pale moon eclipsing the cold sun

Tidal Blight

Raging waters below of a bleeding sea fighting for vengeance

Tidal Blight

As the titan is chanting his tales full of woe and sorrow

In this red bloody dawn,

No mercy is shown

Death is our only fate

Sunk the fleet in frontline

Coffins of pine

Stand on graveyard of Hate


Sudden demon

From the depths of the ocean

Raging waters

Fighting for vengeance



Silent winds are blowing cold

On the horizon blood will stain the sun

Smell the fear of men with rifles

But their life has come to an end

Hunters marching through the trees

Gelid mist now fills the icy air

Thirst for blood and vengeance rising

No escape no one is safe

Dusk or dawn

Alone in the snow

Kill or be killed

Will this blood be enough

The Hunters are prey

Jade eyes brings sorrow and pain

For every kill they'll pay

A demon has come

A tiger alone

Spills blood in all the snow

Left just a pile of bones

Demon in the snow

And Bullets rive the silence

But the tiger will not cease to fight

Sinks the fangs in human flesh

And growls

Not for Hunger but for Hate

As he feeds on human sorrow

No tomorrow for this dying soul

Embrace death because it's near

Green the eyes, black the stripes



Lost in his mind he's falling down, but doesn't seem to drown

The evil deed has done, (an) elemental drift you cannot run

He didn`t blink or sway accept his fate and never walks away

A Dark power coming from below

The thirst for plunder grows


Death whispers in his mind and yet his fate will not unwind

Hauling the guilt, remorse, and fear to fulfil the last desire

Diabolic will with pure insanity and vile dreams

Such ghoulish deeds that every man would rather flee and scream


Hurdling the bodies of the enemy lines,

I slash the fate of the foes on my sight

Waver and tremble, and cold the marrow

Your puny minds can’t fathom my rise


Crushing the skulls I'll build my empire

Blast like a blizzard of magmatic fire

I seek for greatness for blood and for kill

Bloodstained's my soul, my eon begins


Confidence is fading, the shadows of doubt

In grandeur delusions, a path to demise


Downfall and torment are now at gates

I wish all the earth collapses and decays.


Death's my desire, no faith no force just sorrow

Eternal rest, force me in a sea of hollow


Delve into chaos , a dance of arms before me

A mortal coil, my sacrifice! DOWNFALL AND TORMENT


You seek for mercy but none I shall give

Blood on the soil this is my will

I face the maw of reality itself

An ageless desire that can't go back


Slaughter and Carnage! my sundering voice!

A countinuos pull from my evil void

Only the schyte I await without lies

Nothing behind, I embrace my blight

As the candle still burning dies out

In a Pillar of nothing

And the pale death unwinding

The spiral of distress inside me

In this torment of flames

A blood moon is my only guidance

Sound and fury will light up

Thos night that is painted in silence


Death's my desire, no faith no force just sorrow

Eternal rest, force me in a sea of hollow


Delve into chaos, a dance of arms before me

A mortal coil, my sacrifice! DOWNFALL AND TORMENT

Time has come to die

Sun will cease to shine

As the woods of fire arise


Silence in my words

‘Cause i’ve lost my hopes

For a life that’s just a shade

Cold wind of northern seas, caress this dying face

The night is far away but echoes still remain


Eternal walk to find a flickering peaceful rest

Remorse and thoughts, my crew and I will sail away



Clouds and mist the mind decays

As the day will drop across the way

When the sun will burn with all the flames

From its light your eyes will see again

And it's time to wipe your rotten blood

For the dawn has died before its birth

There's a cold rain washing out your path

'Couse again you tried to fight in vain

Growing rage, sorrow and pain

Fallen man awakes

Your sight is blurry

Is the pale death calling

I see a trace of hate

The hollow human race

Nothing will shine

The weakest light is diyng

Cold inside the ice

An heavy winter night

I just survived

In this world of strife


Trough a lake of damnation

Left alone isolation

From the shades of existence

Trough a lake of damnation

Left alone isolation

From the shades of existence

All is dust ad you awake

As no sun can warm this wintry age

When you aim the horizon no one come

'Couse man runs blindly all alone

Growing rage, sorrow and pain

Fallen man awakes

You suffer lonely

Is to late for begging

Dread will fill me and rage will rise

But I won't fail this time

Trough the lake beyond I will find

A trail of pain this night

Time won't heal my fears inside

My stars don't shine so bright

Silence binds the horrors of mind

Damnation's lake my fate

Mountains weep

As the snow falls

Shores unseen

From a deadly sea

Forest fade

Fog and haze

Drift away

In a mire of hate

©2020 Nanga Parbat