Nanga Parbat is a new progressive death metal band founded in 2019 by experienced and accomplished musicians coming from acknowledged bands in the Italian scene touring both nationwide and worldwide. Nanga Parbat is a project whose music, images and words relied on a synergic equilibrium amid a wide range of genres and themes, to create ground-breaking and engaging music.


The band is named after the homonymous mountain of the Himalayan Range, also known locally as "The Killer Mountain" for its high number of fatalities amongst those who tried to ascend it. An immense and tremendous vertical peak rising far above its surroundings. Pivotal role in our topics and lyrics are the natural forces and animal symbolism as an evolutionary driving force of the earth's will.

On this background sets the struggle between humans and the natural world. The voices in the album are extreme (growl and scream) with melodic cleans and choirs, symbol of human songs of torment and suffering and aimed at evoking an atmosphere of contrast with the strength and aggressiveness of nature.

Here we present Downfall and Torment, our debut album has been produced between Kick Recording Studio and Bloom Recording Studio and completed in May 2019. Over the songs, heavy death metal riffs are alternated with acoustic-clean arpeggios, odd-meters progressive bridges, strumming-guitar-based choruses, and orchestra sections.

This allowed us to create a strong and lively dynamic, through which we try to drive and accompany the listener into a variety of atmospheres and feelings, depending on the message to communicate and the scenario to depict. The band has since then worked towards the release of their creature organizing their social media outlets, to be ready for the coming months of hard work.

Short Bio

The Nanga Parbat project was born from the idea of the co-founders Flavio Cicconi (Dragonhammer, Souls Unchained, Shores of Null - live guitarist) and Edoardo Sterpetti (Souls Unchained).

The two begin in November 2017 to elaborate their debut album giving life to the Nanga Parbat project. After more than a year of songwriting, in December 2018 the band sees the entry of the singer, Andrea Pedruzzi (Zenit), and the process of writing and composition of the full-length named Downfall and Torment is completed.

Longtime friend of the band, Enrico Sandri (Karnya, Utopia, Kaledon) joined the band in early 2019, filling the vacant role of the bass player. Giulio Galati (Hideous Divinity, Master Boot Record, Nero di Marte) joined the formation just as the recording process was about to begin, adding his personal twist on every drum track on the album.


Demon in the Snow

"From the icy landscapes of the Siberian taiga an old, vengeful demon emerges from the forest, its quest - to destroy and eradicate every sign of poachers from its territory."

An amazing fusion of sheer death metal annihilation and visionary skills for which we have to thank the team Sanda Movies.

For the graphics of our singles and full-length we worked with one of the most imaginative and visionary graphic artists ever, the "Salvador Dali" of the metal world. We are talking about Costin Chioreanu, his unique style, full of psychedelic shapes and profound symbolism, is perfect to describe with images what Nanga Parbat is all about.

Official Video


Blood, Death and Silence

"An angel lays in the grasp of death, she exhales her final breaths in an icy cave inside the heart of the killer mountain. The spires of death tighten around her, with sub zero temperatures and blistering cold winds raging, while an unholy choir sings the song of her desperation".

Haunting growls echo trough the cave system and as the angel lies in despair an heavy choir takes the scene, singing a sorrowful yet epic and majestic tune.

The chilling atmospheres evoked by our new video are the fruit of the passionate work of the amazing people in the Sandamovies crew. Enjoy the freezing breath of death itself down your spines.

Official Video

TIDAL BLIGHT Social media.jpg

Tidal Blight

An ageless leviathan roams the ocean in search of unfortunate souls to quench its thirst for revenge. The scars on its body reveal it lived a thousand human lives, fought infinite battle as he will continue to do for the rest of eternity.       


Melancholic violins and ethereal acoustic guitars create the atmosphere for an oceanic journey through the Pacific waters but fierce guitars and ruthless growls will shatter the calm to tell the tale of a white whale.         

Album Stream

Front NP digital release iTUNES.jpg

Downfall and Torment is strongly based on guitars, riffs and typical structures of the classic Death metal progressive genre revisited in a modern key.


The influence of classical symphonic music (Mozart, Wagner, Tchaivkosky) as well as the Baroque-polyphonic music (Bach, Vivaldi) is very important, and emerges both in the compositional and in the instrumental choices.


The album is in fact enriched by an orchestral quartet composed of double-bass, cello, viola and violin on which the musician and orchestrator Francesco Ferrini (Piano and orchestras for Fleshgod Apocalypse, collaborator and orchestra arranger for Dimmu Borgir) worked.


Intro-The Edge of an Endless Waterfall    1:22

Through a Lake of Damnation                  5:41 

Blood, Death and Silence                         5:57

Tidal Blight                                                6:44

Demon in the Snow                                  5:45

Obscure Rains                                          5:17

Curse of the Thaw                                    6:53

Downfall and Torment                             12:40

Outro-Breath of Northern Winds               2:11


Produced by Nanga Parbat and Marco Mastrobuono.
Recorded at Kick Recording Studio and Bloom Recording Studio with Marco Mastrobuono and Fabrizio Ludovici.
Mixed and mastered by Marco Mastrobuono at Kick Recording Studio.
All music
written by Flavio Cicconi and Edoardo Sterpetti.
All songs
arranged by Nanga Parbat.
lyrics by Flavio Cicconi, Edoardo Sterpetti and Andrea Pedruzzi.

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