Blood, Death and Silence

"An angel lays in the grasp of death, she exhales her final breaths in an icy cave inside the heart of the killer mountain. The spires of death tighten around her, with sub zero temperatures and blistering cold winds raging, while an unholy choir sings the song of her desperation".

Haunting growls echo trough the cave system and as the angel lies in despair an heavy choir takes the scene, singing a sorrowful yet epic and majestic tune.

The chilling atmospheres evoked by our new video are the fruit of the passionate work of the amazing people in the Sandamovies crew. Enjoy the freezing breath of death itself down your spines.

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Rage within your soul

Scream of ache

A newborn winter cold

Thorns over your heart

Lack of light

Your life is tread apart

Every path is lost

Blown away

By winds of murky ghosts

See the rose of dread

Anxious breath

And every hope is shred


Walking through this evil nest

(You chocked in)

Dark mists rife with damnation

Treading through the tidal creeks

(You drowned in)

Salt waters of perdition

Run out of defiance

Just blood death and silence

Still lost in this mire

Inside Crystal fire

Blows the breeze of fear

Night arises

Your sight grows dark and blears

Trembling voice screams loud

Echoing through,

This valley of fallen clouds


As a dying deer

When the wolf

Bites fiercy on his skull

You lay on this ground,


When demons fill your null

A neverending fight for our final truth seems so futile,

The only reason to overcome this suffering,

Insanity and pain.


Stuck inside your mind without will to fight, left alone

But inside the earth beyond there’s no demise

Another day to rise.

Demon in the Snow

"From the icy landscapes of the Siberian taiga an old, vengeful demon emerges from the forest, its quest - to destroy and eradicate every sign of poachers from its territory."

An amazing fusion of sheer death metal annihilation and visionary skills for which we have to thank the team Sanda Movies.

For the graphics of our singles and full-length we worked with one of the most imaginative and visionary graphic artists ever, the "Salvador Dali" of the metal world. We are talking about Costin Chioreanu, his unique style, full of psychedelic shapes and profound symbolism, is perfect to describe with images what Nanga Parbat is all about.

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Official Lyrics



Silent winds are blowing cold

On the horizon blood will stain the sun

Smell the fear of men with rifles

But their life has come to an end

Hunters marching through the trees

Gelid mist now fills the icy air

Thirst for blood and vengeance rising

No escape no one is safe

Dusk or dawn

Alone in the snow

Kill or be killed

Will this blood be enough


The Hunters are prey

Jade eyes brings sorrow and pain

For every kill they'll pay

A demon has come


A tiger alone

Spills blood in all the snow

Left just a pile of bones

Demon in the snow

And Bullets rive the silence

But the tiger will not cease to fight

Sinks the fangs in human flesh

And growls

Not for Hunger but for Hate

As he feeds on human sorrow

No tomorrow for this dying soul

Embrace death because it's near

Green the eyes, black the stripes

©2020 Nanga Parbat